Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Byte Trade Bot AI Trader is a trading platform with an emphasis on improving people's overall trading experience. You can even visit our website to learn more:


Before the comments that individuals make on our website become visible to the public, we check their browser identification details as well as their IP address. Checking both reduces the risk of spam comments on the website.

Each user will have a coded sequence derived from their email called a hash. This hash is essential to verify if the Avatar is a real person. After performing this check and verifying the authenticity of the account, the individual's comment will then appear on the site, along with their account name and image.


Avoid adding any images that are storing any geographical information to the Byte Trade Bot AI Trader website. These embedded photos, also known as EXIF GPS, other users can download these images and extract geographical information present within.

Cookie Policy

When signing in with the Byte Trade Bot AI Trader website, you will also have the option to save your name and login details. These can include your email ID, name, and password, making it a lot easier for you to sign in next time.

Upon visiting the Byte Trade Bot AI Trader Log-in page, the first cookie will only be seeing if your browser is compatible with the it's cookies. It does not take any information from your browser and does not hold any information, and it will automatically delete itself as soon as you close the browser.

Byte Trade Bot AI Trader also uses a number of cookies to improve the visuals of the website, which will stay in your browser for a year. Cookies to save your sign-in information are also available, which remain in the system for two days. Choosing the "keep me signed in" option will keep the cookies in the browser for a fortnight. Signing out removes these sign-in related cookies. Issuing and modifying a post stores a cookie in your web browser. It will automatically be deleted, and is used to signal the post ID, therefore it does not have any personal information.

Content from Other Websites

Content from other websites is embedded within Byte Trade Bot AI Trader' website, which can include write-ups, graphics, images, or other forms of interactive content. This integrated content will work similarly to how it does on the original website. These third-party integrations will use cookies to collect information about how you are interacting with Byte Trade Bot AI Trader's website, but also how you are using one the respective integrations. However, cookies that track how you interact with and use the service, will only activate when you are actively signed into the website.

Who else can see your data

The only times that we check your IP address is when you modify your password. To successfully change your password, the alteration request email will also include your IP address.

How long do we keep your data

When leaving comments on the Byte Trade Bot AI Trader website, we will be keeping both the comment and it's relevant metadata indefinitely. This allows us to both identify and validate other comments that you leave, without having to first wait in a moderation queue.

Furthermore, we will also hold on to any information that you include in your profile like images and personal details. Users can change all of the information in their account, except for their username. Administrators can also modify this information.

What rights do you have over your data

As a user of Byte Trade Bot AI Trader, you can request for all and any of your user information. This exported document will include all of the data that you have provided us with, including personal details. You can even request that we delete any information that we hold of yours.

Where does your information go

Visitors who leave a comment will have their metadata processed through an automatic spam identification service.